S. a Pherhael ar am Meril suilad uin aran o Minas Tirith nelchaenen ned Echuir, “to Samwise and Rose the King’s greeting from Minas Tirith, the thirty-first day of Stirring”

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References ✧ SD/129




an “to, for” elided ✧ SD/129.0801 (A); SD/129.0804 (am); SD/129.0801 (A); SD/129.0804 (am)
Perhael “Samwise, (lit.) Half-wise” nasal-mutation ✧ SD/129.0802 (Pherhael); SD/129.0802 (Pherhael)
“and” ✧ SD/129.0803 (ar); SD/129.0803 (ar)
Meril “Rose” ✧ SD/129.0805; SD/129.0805
suilad “greeting” ✧ SD/129.0806; SD/129.0806
“from, of” definite ✧ SD/129.0807 (uin); SD/129.0809; SD/129.0903 (uin); SD/129.0807 (uin); SD/129.0809
aran “king, lord, chief” ✧ SD/129.0808; SD/129.0808
Minas Tirith “Tower of Guard” ✧ SD/129.0810; SD/129.0810
nelchaenen “*thirtieth” ✧ SD/129.0902; SD/129.0902
echuir “early Spring, (lit.) stirring” ✧ SD/129.0904; SD/129.0904
ned “*one more” ✧ SD/129.3202

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