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S. #be, prep. “in; ?as, like”

S. #be, prep. “in; ?as, like”

A preposition appearing in the King’s Letter, glossed “in”. Carl Hostetter’s suggested it is connected to the root √MI/IMI “in” via the strengthened form MBI that appears in Q. imbë¹ “between” (VT31/19-20). David Salo instead proposed that it may be a cognate of Q. ve¹ “as, like” derived from primitive ✶, suffixed with a form of the definite article -n and having the sense “as in the [Shire-reckoning]” (SG/226). This second option seems more likely to me; the primitive form ✶ was not published when Carl Hostetter made his analysis.

References ✧ SD/129


ben definite “in the” ✧ SD/129.0205

Element In