Q. ar hísië untúpa Calaciryo míri oialë², “and mist covers (lit. down-roofs) Calacirya’s jewels forever”

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The 14th phrase in the prose Namárië, which is essentially the same as its poetic version, differing only in its more literal translation. There is nothing particularly notable about its word order.

Reference ✧ RGEO/59 ✧ ar hīsië un-tūpa Calaciryo mīri oiale “and mist down-roofs Kalakirya’s jewels forever”


ar “and” ✧ RGEO/59.1301
hísië “mist, mistiness” ✧ RGEO/59.1302 (hīsië)
#untup- “to cover (over or up), (lit.) to cover down” present ✧ RGEO/59.1303 (un-tūpa)
Calacirya “Pass of Light” genitive ✧ RGEO/59.1304 (Calaciryo)
mírë “jewel, gem, precious thing, treasure; precious” plural ✧ RGEO/59.1305 (mīri)
oialë “forever, eternally, everlastingly, in eternity; everlasting age” ✧ RGEO/59.1306

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