S. bo Ceven sui vi Menel, “on Earth as [it is] in Heaven”

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The fifth line of Ae Adar Nín, Tolkien’s Sindarin translation of the Lord’s Prayer (VT44/21). The first word is the lenited form bo of the preposition po “on”, followed by ceven “earth”. The third word is the preposition sui “as”, followed by vi the lenited form of mi “in” and menel “heaven”. There is no Sindarin equivalent for English “it is” in this phrase.

See the entry for the first line of this prayer for a discussion of the (mis)use of menel for “Heaven” in this phrase.

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

bo Ceven sui vi Menel = “*on Earth as in Heaven”

Reference ✧ VT44/21 ✧ “on Earth as [it is] in Heaven”


#po “*on” soft-mutation ✧ VT44/26.3101 (bo)
ceven “*Earth” ✧ VT44/27.0501
sui “*as” ✧ VT44/27.0601
vi “in” soft-mutation ✧ VT44/27.1601
menel “the heavens, firmanent, region of the stars” ✧ VT44/23.1101

Element In