S. Glaer nia Chîn Húrin, “Tale of the Children of Húrin”

An earlier Sindarin name for “Tale of the Children of Húrin”, revised to Narn i Chîn Húrin (WJ/160). It uses glaer “long lay, narrative poem” instead of narn “tale”, and the definite plural form nia of the preposition na² “of”, the latter also seen in Sarch nia Hîn Húrin.

References ✧ WJ/160; WJI/Narn i Chîn Húrin



glaer “long lay, narrative poem” ✧ WJ/160.4404
na² “with, by; of” plural ✧ WJ/160.4405 (nia)
hên “child” nasal-mutation plural ✧ WJ/160.4409 (Chîn)
Húrin ✧ WJ/160.4410