Q. #untup-, v. “to cover (over or up), (lit.) to cover down”

References ✧ LotR/377; PE17/73; RGEO/58-59


un-tupe aorist “covers up, (lit.) covers down” ✧ PE17/073.2502
un-tūpa present “cover over” ✧ PE17/073.2405
un-tūpa present “covers” ✧ RGEO/58.1801
un-tūpa present “down-roofs” ✧ RGEO/59.1303
untúpa present “covers” ✧ LotR/0377.4101
untúpa present “is covering over” ✧ PE17/073.2302
untúpa present “is covering” ✧ PE17/073.2509: that is “lies as a covering upon”


undu “down (from on high), under, beneath” ✧ PE17/073.2303 (un-)
#tup- “to cover” ✧ PE17/073.2405-2 (tūpa); PE17/073.2502-2 (tupe)
TUP “cover over, hide” ✧ PE17/073.2305

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