S. na-chaered palan-díriel, “to lands remote I have looked afar”

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References ✧ LotR/0238.0600; PE17/020.3301; PE17/021.0307; PE17/021.1301; PE17/021.2801; RGEO/63.0600; RGEO/64.0600



na¹ “to, towards, at” ✧ LotR/0238.0601; PE17/025.2102; RGEO/63.0601; RGEO/64.0601
haered “remoteness, remote distance” soft-mutation ✧ LotR/0238.0602 (chaered); PE17/025.2103 (chaered); RGEO/63.0602 (chaered); RGEO/64.0602 (chaered)
palan “afar, abroad, far and wide” ✧ LotR/0238.0603; RGEO/63.0603; RGEO/64.0603
tiria- “to watch, gaze; to ward, guard” soft-mutation perfective-participle ✧ LotR/0238.0604 (díriel); RGEO/63.0604 (díriel); RGEO/64.0604 (díriel)
palan-díriel “far-gazer” ✧ PE17/025.2502

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