Q. ar lumbulë undulávë ilyë tier, “and (heavy) shadow swallowed (lit. down-licked) all roads”

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The 11th phrase of the prose Namárië. Tolkien altered the text from the poetic version as follows:

ar ilyë tier undulávë lumbulë >> ar lumbulë undulávë ilyë tier

Tolkien simply swapped the subject lumbulë “(heavy) shadow” with the object ilyë tier “all roads” to be consistent with the usual Quenya subject-verb-object word-order.

Reference ✧ RGEO/59 ✧ ar lumbule undu-lāve ilye tiër “and (heavy) shadow down-licked all (pl) roads”


ar “and” ✧ RGEO/59.0704
lumbulë “dark shadow, heavy shadow; deep in shadow” ✧ RGEO/59.0705
undulav- “to drown, swallow, submerge, (lit.) lick down” past
ilya “all (of a particular group of things), every, each” plural ✧ RGEO/59.0902 (ilye)
tië “path, road, way, line, course, direction” plural ✧ RGEO/59.0903 (tiër)
undu “down (from on high), under, beneath” ✧ RGEO/59.0706
lav-¹ “to lick” past ✧ RGEO/59.0901 (lāve)

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