Telerin Semantic Categories

1. Physical World

2. Mankind

2.35 Father

atta n. “father”
attacë n. “father [diminutive]; *daddy”

3. Animals

4. Body Parts and Functions

5. Food and Drink

6. Clothing and Adornment

7. Dwelling and Furniture

8. Agriculture and Vegetation

9. Physical Acts and Materials

10. Motion and Transportation

11. Possession and Trade

12. Spatial Relations

13. Quantity and Number

13.33 Alone, Only

canat num. card. “four”
enec num. card. “six”
er num. card. “one”
lepen num. card. “five”
min num. card. “one”
minipë num. card. “eleven”
nelet num. card. “three”
neter num. card. “nine”
otos num. card. “seven”
pai(n) num. card. “ten”
tata num. card. “two”
yúnecë num. card. “twelve”

14. Time

14.355 Past, Ago

andané adv. “long ago, once upon a time”

15. Sense Perception

16. Emotion

17. Mind and Thought

18. Language and Music

19. Social Relations

20. Warfare and Hunting

21. Law and Judgment

22. Religion and Beliefs

23. Grammar