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Vinyar Tengwar #41 (VT41)

The forty-first issue of Vinyar Tengwar. It contains three linguistic articles. The first article, “Etymological Notes on the Ósanwe-kenta” (Carl F. Hostetter, VT41/5-6), lists a set of words and etymologies related to the “Ósanwe-kenta” article published in VT39; all of these notes reappear in “Words, Phrases and Passages in Various Tongues in The Lord of the Rings” (PE17). The second article, “From the Shibboleth of Fëanor” (Carl F. Hostetter, VT41/7-10), publishes notes written by Christopher Tolkien but omitted from the People of Middle Earth (PME) due to space constraints. The third article, “Notes on Óre” (Carl F. Hostetter, VT41/11-19), describes a set of previously unpublished notes by Tolkien on the word órë.

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