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Vinyar Tengwar #49 (VT49)

The forty-ninth issue of Vinyar Tengwar, with two main articles. The first article (Patrick Wynne, VT49/3-37) discusses the “Ambidexters Sentence” composed in 1968, and includes an appendix on the root in Tolkien’s late writings (VT49/27-31). The second article discusses “Five Late Quenya Volitive Inscriptions” (Carl Hostetter, VT49/38-58), small sentences written by Tolkien for well-wishes at weddings and special events, composed variously between 1964 and 1968, all using nai “may it be, be it that”.

Both articles include several tables of pronominal suffixes, dating from 1964 and 1968, indicating the late evolutionary stages of the Quenya pronominal system. This makes the issue a good resource for information on Quenya pronouns and their primitive forms.

Needs review.