Q. Corollairë loc. “Green Mound, *(lit.) Mound of Summer”

Q. Corollairë, loc. “Green Mound, *(lit.) Mound of Summer”

The green mound where the Two Trees of Valinor stood (S/38). This name is a compound of coron “mound” and lairë “summer”, with the n assimilated to the l. It is a translation of Valarin Ezellōχār (WJ/401). The (Vanyarin?) name Ezellohar is a direct adaptation of the Valarin name. The name is generally glossed “Green Mound”, but the literal meaning of the Quenya name is “*Mound of Summer”.

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coron “mound” assimilated ✧ SA/coron
lairë “summer”