Dan. [v]

Dan. [v]

According to the Comparative Tables, the voiced labial spirant [v] developed medially both from primitive [b] and from voiceless [f] (PE19/23), which itself developed from the aspirate [pʰ]. Also according the tables, medial [v] was spelled “f”. Finally, non-initial [w] became [v] in East Danian, even in cases where it was the second part of a cluster of consonants, such as [kv] < [kw]. A [v] of this origin was spelled “v” in East Danian, and may have had a different pronunication.

References ✧ PE19/23


Element In

Phonetic Developments

ᴹ✶-khw- > -(v) [-kʰw-] > [-xw-] > [-w-] > [-v-] ✧ PE19/23

Phonetic Development

Dan. medial voiceless spirants voiced after vowels -Vv- < -Vf- ✧ PE19/23 (-ph- > f = v); PE19/23 (-ph- > f = v)
Dan. medial [b] became [v] Vv < Vb ✧ PE19/23 (-b- > -f-); PE19/23 (-b- > -f-)
Dan. non-initial [w] became [v] in East Danian Xv < Xw ✧ PE19/23 (-w- > -v-)