Dan. [au] became [ō] in Ossiriandic; [au] > [ō]

Dan. [au] became [ō] in Ossiriandic; [au] > [ō]

According to the Comparative Tables, the primitive diphthong [au] (as well as [au] from primitive [ou]) first became rounded long [ǭ] and then developed into long [ō] in the Ossiriandic dialect, instead of being retained as it was in East Danian (PE19/25). In the Etymologies, however, this change did not occur for Dan. laur (Ety/LÁWAR), so perhaps Tolkien changed his mind about this rule.

Order (03400)

After 03100 [ǭ] became [ua] in Ossiriandic

Phonetic Rule Elements

[au] > [ō] ✧ PE19/25 (†au > ǭ > ō); PE19/25 (†au > ǭ > ō)