Dan. [ǣ]

Dan. [ǣ]

In both Danian dialects, primitive ✶[ǣ] developed into other sounds: to [ea] in Ossiriandic and to [ā] in East Danian (PE19/25). In Ossiriandic, however, [ǣ] developed from the diphthong [ai] (PE19/25). This may have been the state of Ossiriandic as it was described in The Etymologies, since this sound appeared in the word snæ̂s “gore” (Ety/SNAS). According to the Comparative Tables, this [ǣ] later became [ē] (PE19/25).

References ✧ PE19/25

Element In

Phonetic Development

Dan. [no change] ǣ < ǣ ✧ PE19/25 (ǣ > †ǣ)
Dan. [ai] became [ǣ] in Ossiriandic ǣ < ai ✧ PE19/25 (†ai > ǣ); PE19/25 (†ai > ǣ)
Dan. [ǣ] became [ea] in Ossiriandic ǣ > ea ✧ PE19/25 (†ǣ > ēa)
Dan. later [ǣ] became [ē] in Ossiriandic ǣ > ē ✧ PE19/25 (ǣ > ē); PE19/25 (ǣ > ē)
Dan. [ǣ] became [ā] in East Danian ǣ > ā ✧ PE19/25 (†ǣ > ā)