Ad. normal-case grammar.

Ad. normal-case grammar.

The Adûnaic “normal case” is simply the default form with no special inflections. In most circumstances, the noun appears in the normal case, in all situation except where the subjective or objective cases would be used. The possibilities are discussed on SD/428-9.

1) As the direct object of a verb:

2) As the object of preposition (which are suffixal in Adûnaic):

3) Before another noun in an adjectival or possessive relationship:

4) As a predicate in a copula (whose subject would be in the subjective case):

5) The subject of a sentence was usually in the subjective case, but could be in the normal case if the verb was inflected with the proper pronominal prefix. Compare:

The subjective formation puts more emphasis on the subject. This is especially true if it was combined with a verb using a pronominal prefix:

References ✧ SD/428-429


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