Dan. [e] became [ie] after initial [sk]; [ske-] > [skie-]

Dan. [e] became [ie] after initial [sk]; [ske-] > [skie-]
There is evidence that Danian underwent further vowel breaking in the word sc(i)ella < SKAL¹ (Ety/SKAL¹). The pattern seems to be that [e] broke into the diphthong [ie] after [sk], similar to the sound changes of Old English. In Old English, [sk] was frequently palatalized [skʲ] (and later became [ʃ] = “sh”), which lead to the breaking of a following [e] to [ie] by assimilation to the previous palatal consonant, a process known as palatal diphthongization (ref/@@@). It is possible that Danian went through a similar sound change.

Phonetic Rule Elements

[ske-] > [skie-]

Phonetic Rule Examples

skella > skiella ske- > skie- ᴹ√SKAL¹ > Dan. sc(i)ella ✧ Ety/SKAL¹