ᴱQ. Nielíqi f.

⚠️ᴱQ. Nielíqui, f.

A daughter of Orome and Vána in the earliest Lost Tales (LT1/93), her name seems to be a combination of the roots ᴱ√NYEHE “weep” and ᴱ√LIQI “water”, as suggested by Christopher Tolkien (LT1A/Nielíqui). Her name also appeared as Nielikki or Nyelikki (QL/69, MC/215).

Conceptual Development: This name appeared in a diminutive form Nielikkilis “little Nielikki” in the poem Nieninque from the late 1920s. The diminutive form Nielikkilis reappeared in a later version of the poem from the mid-1950s, but it seems unlikely that this character was a part of Tolkien’s later conception of his legendarium.

References ✧ LT1A/Nielíqui; LT1I/Nielíqui; MC/215; PE14/15; PE16/90, 92; PME/69; QL/69



Nielikkilis diminutive “little Niéle” ✧ MC/215
Nielikkilis diminutive “little Nielikki” ✧ PE16/90
Nielikkilis diminutive “little Niele” ✧ PE16/92


ᴱ√NYEHE “weep” ✧ LT1A/Nielíqui
ᴱ√LIQI “flow, water; clear, transparent” ✧ LT1A/Nielíqui

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