S. Fimbrethil f. “Wandlimb, (lit.) Slender-beech”

S. Fimbrethil, f. “Wandlimb, (lit.) Slender-beech”

An Ent-wife, beloved of Treebeard, whose name was glossed “Wandlimb” (LotR/475), though Tolkien stated that this was not a translation (RC/764). The proper translation of the name is “Slender-beech” (LotR/1131) or “Slim-birch” (RC/386), a combination of fim “slender” and brethil¹ “silver-birch” (PE17/82; SA/brethil), though Tolkien said the second element could also be interpreted as brethil² “princess” (PE17/23, 82).

References ✧ LotR/475, 1131; LotRI/Fimbrethil, Wandlimb; PE17/23, 82; RC/386, 764; SA/brethil



fim “slender, slim” ✧ PE17/82
brethil¹ “silver birch” ✧ SA/brethil
brethil² “princess, (lit.) queen-daughter” ✧ PE17/23; PE17/82