Dan. initial [p] became [pʰ]; [p-] > [pʰ-]

Dan. initial [p] became [pʰ]; [p-] > [pʰ-]
Initial [p] in Danian was aspirated to [pʰ] and so develop into [f] when aspirates became voiceless spirants (PE19/18, 22). Tolkien noted that this change was peculiar to Danian (PE19/22). The same change took place in the Germanic languages that inspired Danian as part of Grimm’s Law, but in Germanic the change occurred for all voiceless stops, not just [p] (ref/@@@). In Tolkien’s original notes, he said this change also applied to Ilkorin, but according to Christopher Gilson, this is almost certainly a reference that Tolkien forgot to delete when he changed Ilkorin from a Germanic-type to a Welsh-type language (PE19/22 note #54, 55)

Reference ✧ PE19/22

Order (00500)

Before 01000 aspirates became voiceless spirants

Phonetic Rule Elements

[p-] > [pʰ-] ✧ PE19/18 (p- > f-); PE19/18 (p- > f-); PE19/21 (pr- > fr-); PE19/21 (pr- > fr-); PE19/21 (pl- > fl-); PE19/21 (pl- > fl-)