ᴹQ. Latimberista loc. “Rivendell”

⚠️ᴹQ. Latimberista, loc. “Rivendell”
A Quenya name for Imladris(t) (Rivendell) given on a rejected paged of linguistic notes from the 1940s (PE22/127). The elements of this Quenya name are the same as its Noldorin cognate: Tolkien stated that is initial element is latimbe “glen” (√LAT + imbe²), and its final element is clearly rista “cut”. On the same page, Tolkien stated that this name was not used in practice, and was replaced the Quenyarized form of the Noldorin name: Imbeláris.

Reference ✧ PE22/127 ✧ “Rivendell”


latimbe “glen” ✧ PE22/127 (latimbe)
rista “cut”