AQ. initial [dr-], [dl-] became [r-], [l-]; [dr-|dl-] > [r-|l-]

AQ. initial [dr-], [dl-] became [r-], [l-]; [dr-|dl-] > [r-|l-]

Primitive Elvish had a number of rare initial clusters, most of which simplified in Quenya. One of these was initial dl-, dr- which reduced to l-, r-, a sound change mentioned in both the Outline of Phonetic Development (OP1) from the 1930s (PE19/37) and the Outline of Phonology (OP2) from the 1950s (PE19/79). This initial development also appeared in the Comparative Tables of phonetic development from the 1930s (PE19/21). As these initial combinations were very rare, there is only one published example of this sound change: ᴹ✶d’rāk > ᴹQ. ráka “wolf” (Ety/DARÁK). It isn’t clear what relationship this sound change had to the rule whereby initial [d] became [l] in Quenya, but I suspect the dl-, dr- combinations simplified first.

Reference ✧ PE19/79

Order (02600)

Before 02800 initial [d] became [l]


Phonetic Rule Elements

[dr-] > [r-] ✧ PE19/79 (dr > r; initially)
[dl-] > [l-] ✧ PE19/79 (dl > l; initially)

ᴹAQ. initial [dr-], [dl-] became [r-], [l-]; [dr-|dl-] > [r-|l-]

Reference ✧ PE19/37 ✧ initial [d] became [l]

Order (02700)

Before 02900 initial [d] became [l]

Phonetic Rule Elements

[dr-] > [r-] ✧ PE19/38 (dr > r; initial)
[dl-] > [l-] ✧ PE19/38 (dl > l; initial)

Phonetic Rule Examples

drāka > rāka dr- > r- ᴹ✶d’rāk > ᴹQ. ráka ✧ Ety/DARÁK