Ad. [h]

Ad. [h]
A sound Tolkien described as a “breath-H” (SD/419), that is essentially the same sound as English “h”. It mostly developed from Primitive Adûnaic [x], which somewhat confusing Tolkien also represented with the symbol “H” (SD/416, 418). It speech, it tended to unvoice adjacent consonants (SD/422).

References ✧ SD/418-419, 422, 433


Element In

Phonetic Development

Ad. [ɣ] became [h] after voiceless consonants C₁h < {ptkpʰtʰkʰsx}₁ɣ ✧ SD/422 ([{ptkpʰtʰkʰsx}₁ɣ] > [C₁h])
Ad. spirant [x] became breath [h] except before [s] and for double [xx] hX|-h < x{!sx}|-x ✧ SD/418 (H > H); SD/419 (H > H)