Ad. collective-nouns grammar.

Ad. collective-nouns grammar.

In addition to normal singular nouns, Adûnaic had some collective nouns that represented all objects of a particular kind, similar to the class plural of Sindarin, but not as a formal inflection. These collective nouns also had corresponding singular nouns to represent a single instance of the class:

The collective nouns could only be declined in the singular, whereas their singular equivalents could be declined normally. The plural of the singular forms would be used for a specific group instead of all members of the class: gimli “a star” → gimlî “some stars” vs. gimil “all stars” (SD/427).

These collective nouns were not a formal inflection by the time of Classical Adûnaic, but may have been a fossilized form of some archaic inflection from Primitive Adûnaic.

References ✧ SD/427, 431

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