N. Tum Dincelon loc. “Dimrill-dale”

N. Tum Dincelon, loc. “Dimrill-dale”

Earliest name for S. Nanduhirion appearing in Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s (RS/432), apparently starting with N. tum “valley” and ending with Ilk. celon “river”, but the meaning of the middle element is unclear. Roman Rausch suggested it might be related to Ilk. dimb- “sad, gloomy” (EE/1.14).

See S. Nanduhirion for further discussion.

References ✧ RS/432; RSI/Tum Dincelon



tum “(deep) valley”
Ilk. dem? “sad, gloomy”
Ilk. celon “river”