N. Annerchi(o)n loc. “Goblin Gate”

N. Annerchi(o)n, loc. “Goblin Gate”

A Noldorin name for the “Goblin Gate” appearing only in the Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, as both Annerchin and Annerchion (RS/416, TI/114). It seems to a combination of a shorter form of annon “gate” with a plural form of orch “Orc”, hence more literally “*Gate of Goblins”. The function of the suffix -i(o)n is unclear; Roman Rausch suggested it might be a plural or genitive plural suffix (EE/1.8, 2.6).

References ✧ RS/416; RSI/Annerchin; TI/114; TII




annon “great gate, door”
orch “goblin” plural