S. Anguirel pn. “*Iron-of-the-fiery-star”

S. Anguirel, pn. “*Iron-of-the-fiery-star”

A companion sword to Anglachel, constructed from the same fiery meteor (S/202). Its initial element is probably ang “iron” (SA/eng) and its final element may be êl “star”. Its middle element may be related to the root √UR “heat, be hot”, perhaps an otherwise unattested adjective ?uir “fiery”, though David Salo suggested it might be (N.) uir “eternity” (GS/359).

References ✧ S/202; SA/anga; SI




ang “iron” ✧ SA/anga
?uir “*fiery” ✧ SA/anga (#ur)
êl “star”