Ad. Abattârik m. “?World Pillar”

Ad. Abattârik m. “?World Pillar”
The Adûnaic name of the Tar-Ardamin, the 19th rulers of Númenor (UT/222). His Quenya name appears to mean “*World Tower”. The last element of his Adûnaic name is clearly Ad. târik “pillar”, so perhaps its meaning is similar. If so, the first element of his Adûnaic name may mean “World”. Andreas Moehn suggested (EotAL/BAN¹) this element is likely *aban or abân, with the final n altered to t in the compound according to the rules of Adûnaic assimilation.

Reference ✧ UTI/Ar-Abattârik


*aban “?world”
târik “pillar, that which supports”