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Vanima ná Valimar

by Luinyelle

Nyellion linge lamya, palan or palar yána,
Malina tópalillon, Valaron osto mána.
Telperin talalmissen, lilta liruila rimbe,
Netina lótelínen, maire or’mardi imbe.
Epe kalassine andor, Aldu ambosse alat,
Ilvana márie antat, fainat voronwa calat.
Silme yo laure, airea yo ainima -
Á! vanima ná Valimar!

Falmar falastar voro, itara falassenna,
Koron kiryasse tare, tirila earenna.
Ilma min perta neve, hyan’ alkarinque linqui,
Vaina vaimasse laika, rína rambainen ninqui.
Mírie maller tás lokir, ninde mindonna kasta,
Lossea orne erinqua losta pandasse alasta.
Osto pá Túna, Tirion mimírima -
Elmendea ná Eldamar!

Kala ninquirya silmen, yuale ailinyassen,
Hlussear lassi susse, hlápuar aldingassen.
Lorda lómisse quíra pílion hosto rinde.
Ánea en hlarunqua ñandion quilda linde.
Tarwa sinasse sendanque, níþime lotsi míka,
Yúyo indonqua luhtaina, turmeninquasse níka.
Malya ninyasse, sinome oménala -
Yé! mélima ná mélamar!

Beautiful is Valimar

The musical sound of bells sounds, far over the wide plain,
Away from golden roofs, the blessed city of the Valar.
On silver floors, a singing host dances,
Adorned with many flowers, between splendid lofty halls.
Before gates of brass, the Two Trees grow on a hill,
Give perfect goodness, send forth (two) long-lasting lights.
Silver and gold, holy and blessed -
Oh! beautiful is Valimar!

Waves surge continually, onto the gleaming beach,
A mound stands in a cleft, looking towards the sea.
One half faces starlight, the other glorious light-substances,
Clad in a green robe, crowned with white walls.
Jewelled streets there bend, upwards to a slender tower,
A snow white tree alone blooms in a courtyard of marble.
Town upon Túna, Tirion the beautiful -
Wonderful is Eldamar!

Light is whitening to silver, twilight on the pools,
Leaves are whispering in the sound of wind, flying in the wind in the treetops.
In a drowsy twilight is spinning the circle of a swarm of insects.
Our ears still reaches a quiet tune of harps.
In this garden the two of us are at peace, amidst the fragrant flowers,
Both our minds enchanted, in our small realm.
Your hand in mine, meeting in this place -
Lo! loveable is home!

©️ 2022, Luinyelle.

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. To view a copy of this license, visit http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ or send a letter to Creative Commons, PO Box 1866, Mountain View, CA 94042, USA.