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Qenya Lexicon (QL)

— J.R.R. Tolkien, (editors) Christopher Gilson, Carl F. Hostetter, Patrick Wynne, Arden R. Smith; written in 1915, first published in 1998 (PE12)

Tolkien’s first dictionary of the Quenya language, begun in 1915 or 1916, with ongoing revisions through 1919 or 1920 (PE12/xii-xvii). In this early period, the language was spelled Qenya, and was sometimes called Eldarissa, Eldar or simply “Elvish”. The Qenya Lexicon in its entirety was first published in Parma Eldalamberon #12, though Christopher Tolkien included considerable information from the dictionary in the Book of Lost Tales (LT1, LT2).

References are by the page numbering in PE12. The first 2 digits of the decimal value are the line number, numbering across both columns. The last 2 digits are the word position in the line.

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