Q. Valar ar Maiar fantaner nassentar fanainen ve quenderinwe coar ar larmar, “Valar and Maiar cloaked their true-being in veils, like to Elvish bodies and raiment”

References ✧ PE17/174-175





Vala “(Angelic) Power, ‘God’, Authority” plural ✧ PE17/174.0101 (Valar); PE17/175.2701 (Valar)
ar “and” ✧ PE17/174.0102; PE17/175.2702; PE17/175.2710 (al)
Maia “(angelic) spirit, the Beautiful” plural ✧ PE17/174.0103 (Maiar); PE17/175.2703 (Maiar)
fanta- “to veil, cloak, mantle” past plural ✧ PE17/174.0104 (fantaner); PE17/175.2704 (fantaner)
nassë¹ “nature, true-being; person, individual” 3rd-pl-poss plural ✧ PE17/174.0105 (nassentar); PE17/175.2705 (nassentar)
fana “raiment, veil; (bright) shape or figure; bodily form of an angelic spirit” instrumental plural ✧ PE17/174.0106 (fanainen); PE17/175.2706 (fanainen)
ve¹ “like, as, similar, after the manner [of]” ✧ PE17/174.0107; PE17/174.0107; PE17/174.0107; PE17/175.2707
Quenderin “Quendian, belonging to the Elves as a whole” possessive-adjectival plural ✧ PE17/174.0108 (quenderinwe); PE17/174.0401 (quenderinwa); PE17/174.0108 (quenderinwe); PE17/175.2708 (quenderinwe)
coa “house; outhouse, shed, hut, booth; building used for a dwelling or other purposes; †body” plural ✧ PE17/174.0109 (koaron); PE17/174.0402 (koainen); PE17/174.0109 (koaron); PE17/175.2709 (koar)
ar “and” ✧ PE17/174.0102; PE17/175.2702; PE17/175.2710 (al)
#larma¹ “raiment” plural ✧ PE17/175.2711 (larmar)