S. Côf Gwaeren Bel loc. “Windy Bay of Bel”

⚠️S. Côf Gwaeren Bel, loc. “Windy Bay of Bel”

Another name for the Bay of Belfalas (Côf Belfalas), appearing in a rejected section of Tolkien’s essay on “The Rivers and Beacon-hills of Gondor” (VT42/15). It is a combination of côf “bay”, gwaeren “windy” and the original name of the region: Bel. As pointed out by Christopher Tolkien, the “windy Bay of Bel” was mentioned in the poem “The Man in the Moon Came Down Too Soon” from the Adventures of Tom Bombadil. The section where this name appeared was rejected because Tolkien revised the history of the name Bel (UT/247), so it is possible that the name of the bay remained valid.

Reference ✧ VT42/15 ✧ Côf gwaeren Bel “Windy Bay of Bel”


côf “bay” ✧ VT42/15 (Côf)
gwaeren “windy” ✧ VT42/15 (gwaeren)
Un. Bel “?” ✧ VT42/15 (Bel)