S. Beren m. “Bold”

S. Beren, m. “Bold”

Hero of Beleriand and love of Lúthien who wrested a Silmaril from the crown of Morgoth (S/162). His name is simply [N.] beren¹ “bold” used as a name.

Conceptual Development: The name G. Beren dates back to the earliest Lost Tales, though in the earliest stories he was a Noldorin Elf instead of a Man (LT2/11). The name N. Beren appeared in The Etymologies from the 1930s as a derivative of ᴹ√BER alongside N. beren¹ “bold” (Ety/BER), which is the source of the derivation given above.

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N. beren¹ “bold”

Element In

N. Beren m. “Bold”

See S. Beren for discussion.

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beren¹ “bold” ✧ Ety/BER

ᴱN. Beren m.

Reference ✧ LBI/Beren

G. Beren m.

Reference ✧ LT2I/Beren