S. Thranduil m. “Vigorous Spring”

S. Thranduil, m. “Vigorous Spring”

Father of Legolas (LotR/240) translated “vigorous spring”, a combination of tharan “vigorous” and the lenited form of tuil “spring” (PE17/27, 187).

Conceptual Development: In the drafts of the Lord of the Rings appendices, Tolkien indicated that this name was Lemberin (PM/36), so it is possible he considered making this name Nandorin like that of his son Legolas, but elsewhere he and his name were clearly marked as Sindarin (UT/256, PE17/27).

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tharan “vigorous” ✧ PE17/27; PE17/187
#tuil “spring” ✧ PE17/27 (#duil)