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S. tharan adj. “vigorous” (Category: Well; Health)

S. tharan, adj. “vigorous” (Category: Well; Health)
G. laug “(of plants) alive, having sap, green, vigorous”
G. nerthog “stout, vigorous, doughty”

An adjective for “vigorous” derived from the Sindarin-only root √THAR “vigour” in notes from 1959 (D59), coined by Tolkien to explain the name Thranduil (< th(a)randuil) “Vigorous Spring” (PE17/27, 187).

References ✧ PE17/27, 187


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Phonetic Developments

THAR > tharan [tʰarane] > [θarane] > [θaran] ✧ PE17/187