S. Neldoreth loc.

S. Neldoreth, loc.

A forest in Doriath (S/55) with the many beech trees (LotR/469). Its initial element is neldor “beech” (SA/neldor), and its final element appears to be the abstract noun ending -eth.

Conceptual Development: The name Ilk. Neldoreth appeared in Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s (LR/126), and was designated Doriathrin [Ilkorin] in The Etymologies, with the same derivation as given above (Ety/NEL).

References ✧ LBI; LotR/469; LotRI; PE17/81; RSI; SA/neldor; SI; SMI; WJI


neldor “beech” ✧ SA/neldor
-th “abstract noun”

Ilk. Neldoreth loc.

See S. Neldoreth for discussion.

References ✧ Ety/NEL; LR/126; LRI; TI/307; TII



neldor “beech” ✧ Ety/NEL