Q. Aina Eruontarië “Holy Mother of God”

Q. Aina Eruontarië “Holy Mother of God”

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The eleventh line of Tolkien’s Quenya translation of the Litany of Loreto prayer (VT44/12). The first word is aina “holy” followed by Eruontarië, a name of Mary as the genetrix (female begetter) of God. As pointed out by Wynne, Smith and Hostetter, this word is used to translate Latin “genetrix”, where as Latin “mater” is translated by amil(lë) (VT44/8).

Decomposition: Broken into its constituent elements, this phrase would be:

Aina Eruontarië = “*Holy God-genetrix”

Reference ✧ VT44/12 ✧ Aina Eruontarie “Holy Mother of God”


aina “holy, revered, numinous” ✧ VT44/17
Eruontarië “*Mother of God, (lit.) God-genetrix” ✧ VT44/18

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