Q. Undómiel f. “Evenstar”

Q. Undómiel, f. “Evenstar”
A sobriquet of Arwen translated “Evenstar” (LotR/227, RC/757), a compound of undómë “twilight” and archaic †él “star”. The second element could also be interpreted as -iel “daughter”, giving this name the same meaning of that of her ancestress Tinúviel (Sindarin for “Daugher of Twilight”), whom Arwen was said to resemble (LotR/227).

References ✧ LotR/227; LotRI/Arwen, Undómiel; PMI/Arwen; RC/757; SDI1/Arwen, Undómiel



undómë “twilight, time near evening” ✧ LotRI/Arwen
él “star”