S. Min-Rimmon loc. “Peak of the Rimmon”

S. Min-Rimmon, loc. “Peak of the Rimmon”

One of the beacon hills of Gondor (UT/747). In Tolkien’s “Unfinished Index” of The Lord of the Rings, it was translate “Peak of the Rimmon”, a combination of min² “peak” and the pre-Númenorean name Rimmon (RC/511, LotR/1129).

Conceptual Development: In Lord of the Rings drafts from the 1940s, this name first appeared as N. Minrimmon (WR/233).

References ✧ LotRI; RC/511; UTI



min² “peak” ✧ RC/511
Un. Rimmon ✧ RC/511

N. Minrimmon loc.

See S. Min-Rimmon for discussion.

References ✧ SDI1/Min-Rimmon; WR/233; WRI/Min Rimmon