S. Dor-na-Daerachas loc. “Land of Great Dread”

S. Dor-na-Daerachas, loc. “Land of Great Dread”

A proposed replacement name for Dor Daedeloth that Tolkien made in very late notes from 1971 (WJ/187), translated “Land of Great Dread” (WJ/183). The first few elements seem to be dôr “land”, na(n) “of” and daer “great”. This means the final element achas (perhaps lented from *gachas) must mean “dread”, but there are no other clear equivalents to this word in Tolkien’s writing. In a Discord chat from 2022-10-17, Röandil proposed the first element might instead by dae (still meaning “great”), and that the second element rachas might be related to Q. raxë “danger”.

References ✧ WJ/187; WJI




dôr “land”
na(n) “of; with, along with, accompanied by, provided with or by, associated with, marked with”
daer¹ “great, large” nasal-mutation