Ad. zîrân adj. “beloved” (Category: Dear)

Ad. zîrân adj. “beloved” (Category: Dear)
An adjective translated “(the) beloved” (SD/247), apparently formed from the verb zîr- “to love, desire” with the participle suffix -ân¹. Its placement in the sentence Anadûnê zîrân hikalba “Númenor beloved fell (down)” is unusual, since according to Tolkien adjectives normally precede the nouns they modify (SD/428). It is possible that the adjective here is being used as a noun “the beloved”, an idea supported by the translation of this sentence in the final manuscript: “Anadune the beloved she fell” (VT24/12). See the entry for the Adûnaic participle for further discussion.

References ✧ SD/247; VT24/12




zîr- “*to love, desire”
*-ân¹ “participle suffix”

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