Q. Turuphanto pn. “Wooden-whale”

Q. Turuphanto, pn. “Wooden-whale”

Another name for the Númenórean ship Hirilondë, alluding to its great size (UT/191). The name was glossed “Wooden-whale”, but the language of the name is unclear. Carl Hostetter suggested (Tolklang/5.31) that the name is likely to be Quenya, since ᴱQ. turu meant “wood”, although this meaning for the word did not appear in Tolkien’s later writing. If so, the second element phanto might be Quenya for “whale”, although its spelling is unusual.

References ✧ UT/191; UTI



ᴱQ. turu “wood (as material), (orig.) firewood”
?fanto “whale” ✧ UT/191 (#phanto)