S. Himlad loc. “Cool Plain; (lit.) ?Ever-plain”

S. Himlad, loc. “Cool Plain; (lit.) ?Ever-plain”

A region in north-eastern Beleriand, translated “Cool Plain” (WJ/332). This translation is difficult to explain. The final element is clearly lad “plain”, implying that its first element means “cool”, as suggested by Christopher Tolkien (SA/him). This name shares the same initial element as Himring “Ever-cold”, but that name seems to be a compound of him¹ “ever” (Ety/KHIM, EtyAC/KHIM) and ring “cold” (Ety/RINGI).

It is possible that Tolkien coined Himlad after Himring, deciding in that moment that the initial element meant “cold” rather than the final one. However, the root meaning of √RINGI “cold” is well attested in other names: S. Ringló “Chillflood”, S. Ringnen “Chillwater”, Q. Ringarë “December”. This change of him to “cool” may have been temporary, leaving Himlad an aberration.

References ✧ SA/him, lad; SI; WJ/332; WJI



him² “cool” ✧ SA/him
lad “plain, valley” ✧ SA/lad