Ad. banâth n. (weak-I gendered fem) “wife” (Category: Wife)

Ad. banâth n. (weak-I gendered fem) “wife” (Category: Wife)

The noun for “wife”, given as an example of a noun with a long vowel in its final syllable that (archaically) uses the declension for a strong-noun (SD/437), an example of the rare class of Strong-Ib nouns. By the time of Classical Adûnaic, it could be declined as an ordinary weak-noun instead.

References ✧ SD/437




banāthā̆t dual; normal-and-subjective ✧ SD/437
banāthu- objective ✧ SD/437
banūth- objective; archaic-strong-objective ✧ SD/437
banīth plural; archaic-strong-plural ✧ SD/437
banīthim plural subjective; archaic-strong-plural ✧ SD/437
banāthin subjective ✧ SD/437