Ilk. general grammar.

Ilk. general grammar.

Ilkorin consisted of a family of closely related languages spoken by the Elves of Beleriand who remained behind when most of the Eldar went over the sea to Valinor (LR/171). These Elves were later known as the Ilkorindi because they never saw Kôr, the Elvish homeland in Valinor (LR/215). Though counted among the Eldar, their languages diverged from that of their kin across the sea. Most of the names appearing in the Silmarillion drafts from the 1930s were Noldorin, but many of them were adapted from Ilkorin, and some names, particularly those of lakes and rivers, were from that language (LR/180).

Reference ✧ LR/180


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ᴱIlk. general grammar.

Reference ✧ PE12/2