Ad. draft-dative grammar.

Ad. draft-dative grammar.
The draft dative inflection was formed with the suffix -s, with a plural form -si (SD/439). The dual suffix -t was added to the plural dative suffix -si. In the plural dative, the plural dative suffix -si was added to the plural form of the noun, in some cases with an additional plural marker -m also seen in the draft-genitive and in plural verbs.

Examples (draft-dative)
bārus ← bār ✧ SD/439
ugrus “‽horror‽shadow” [← ugru] ✧ SD/311
bārusit ← bār draft-dual ✧ SD/439
avalōi-si “on Powers” [← Avalô] draft-plural ✧ SD/311
bārisim ← bār draft-plural ✧ SD/439

Reference ✧ SD/438 ✧ for example: bārus, bārusit, bārisim


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