Ad. draft-cases grammar.

Ad. draft-cases grammar.
Christopher Tolkien described (SD/438-9) some draft notes his father prepared as he developed the Adûnaic grammar. At this draft stage, Adûnaic has five noun cases: Normal, Subjective, Genitive, Dative and Instrumental, all of which appear in the first draft of the Lament of Akallabêth. The plural and dual formations were also different in the draft Adûnaic grammar. Carl Hostetter and Patrick Wynne suggested (VSH/31) that the draft noun bār may have a stem form bāru-, as this vowel appears in many of its draft declensions (SD/438-9). They also point out a similar stem form in the instrumental sōbēthumāsōbēth? (SD/311).

Reference ✧ SD/438


draft-subjective ✧ SD/438
draft-genitive ✧ SD/438
draft-dative ✧ SD/438
draft-instrumental ✧ SD/438

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