Ad. draft-subjective grammar.

Ad. draft-subjective grammar.
The attested draft subjective inflections strongly resemble the later Adûnaic subjective case. In particular, the masculine and plural subjective suffixes -un and -im seem to have already existed at this earlier conceptual stage. Only the draft dual subjective was significantly different in form: bārut as opposed to later bârât (SD/438).

Examples (draft-subjective)
bārun “lord” [← bâr] ✧ SD/311
bārun ← bār ✧ SD/438
zigūrun [← Zigûr] ✧ SD/311
bārut ← bār draft-dual ✧ SD/438
Adūnāim “The Adunai (Men of W.)” [← #Adûnâ] draft-plural ✧ SD/312
bārim ← bār draft-plural ✧ SD/438

Reference ✧ SD/438 ✧ for example: bārun, bārut, bārim

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