Ad. #Adûnâ n. (weak-II gendered common) “Númenórean, (lit.) Westerner” (Category: Human Being)

Ad. #Adûnâ n. (weak-II gendered common) “Númenórean, (lit.) Westerner” (Category: Human Being)
The Adûnaic word for the Númenóreans themselves, clearly related to adûn “west” (PE17/18, SD/240). It is attested only in plural forms Adûnâi (normal plural) and Adûnâim (subjective plural). The final vowel of its singular form must be a long â; if it were short, its plural form would be **Adûnî instead of the attested Adûnâi.

References ✧ PE17/18; SD/240, 305, 312, 361, 388, 426, 429, 438; SDI2/Adûnâi, Adûnâim




Adūnāim draft-plural draft-subjective “The Adunai (Men of W.)” ✧ SD/312
Adûnâi plural “Men of Westernesse” ✧ SD/361; SDI2/Adûnâi
Adûnâi plural   ✧ SD/388
Adūnāi plural   ✧ SD/305; SD/438
Adūnāi plural “Anadunians” ✧ SD/429
Adûnâim plural subjective “westerners” ✧ PE17/18
Adûnâim plural subjective   ✧ SD/388
Adūnāim plural subjective   ✧ SD/240; SD/426
Adûnâim subjective plural “Men of Westernesse” ✧ SDI2/Adûnâim


adûn “west, westward” ✧ PE17/18; SD/240 (adūn)

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