S. Lanthir Lamath loc. “Waterfall of Echoing Voices”

S. Lanthir Lamath, loc. “Waterfall of Echoing Voices”

Waterfall near the house of Dior whose spray inspired the name of his daughter Elwing (S/235). The name was translated “Waterfall of Echoing Voices” (PM/349), a combination of lanthir “waterfall” and the class-plural of lam² “echo”. As pointed out by Christoper Tolkien, this name is undoubtedly related to NS. lóm “echo” (SA/lóm).

References ✧ PM/349; PMI/Lanthir Lamath; SA/lóm; SI/Lanthir Lamath




lanthir “waterfall” ✧ PM/349
#lam² “echo” class-plural ✧ PM/349 (Lamath)